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Your manufactory for agile organisational development

I design successful organisations of the future with people that inspire them.

Do these questions sound familiar to you?

  • How can I hand over more responsibility to my staff so that I am relieved and can pull myself out of the operational side of things?
  • How can I make my organisation fit for the future? How do I create structures for organic growth?
  • Which organisational structure fits our culture? What alternatives are there to classic hierarchies and management levels?
  • How can I improve cooperation between employees?
  • How do I attract sought-after professionals and enable enthusiastic employees to act on their own responsibility?

I support you in finding individual answers! Together.
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SEEHASE Consulting offers customised solutions around the topic of agile organisational development.

The following values define SEEHASE Consulting:
free-spirited, open-minded, precise, straightforward, finely tuned.

Why I burn for my topic, more about my values and what you get out of working with me, you can find out here.


Every organisation has their own unique culture, demands and challenges. Therefore, each assignment is crafted individually. When necessary I can draw on the resources of my extensive networks of experienced colleagues.

Since 2013 I have been advising and supporting customers ranging from small mid-sized companies to multinationals.

„Change organizations, not people“