About Seehase

My motto “Change organisations, not people” reflects my personal motivation:

I don’t want to change people, but rather work with them to design their successful organisation of the future that suits them and that they are enthusiastic about. To do this, I involve all those involved and hold them accountable.

Why is this important to me?

Because it takes many to make a difference! And because successful organisations of the future will no longer function as they do today: from the hierarchical top-down structure to more agile, faster organisational forms as an answer to our complex environment.

Organisations that inspire attract excellent employees, give them real responsibility, have low turnover and low sickness rates.

Through my many years of professional experience in different companies, I have experienced many types of cooperation and learned about diverse perspectives. Coupled with my enthusiasm for lifelong learning and my free spirit, it was only a matter of time before I took the step of founding my own company. Since 2013, SEEHASE Consulting has been helping people shape their successful organisation of the future.

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The values of my company and what you get out of it

Free-spirited and open-minded: there is no template or fixed grid for development, because an organisation is a social system! It is not YOU who has to make yourself fit, but we develop together the new orientation of your organisation, in which you and your employees are allowed to remain as they are.

Precise and straightforward: we only do what is necessary; no more, but also no less. I stand up for this, confront when necessary and am careful in my approach; always with the goal in mind and with the necessary flexibility for the surprises of everyday life.

Finely tuned: Before we start a change, we have to listen carefully, read between the lines and resonate with the corporate culture. I analyse and respond to individual needs.

Career path

  • Since 2013 self-employed consultant, facilitator and coach
  • 2009 until 2013 Senior personnel developer at Tchibo GmbH
  • 2009 until 2010 Senior personnel developer at Société Générale de Surveillance
  • 2007 until 2009 Personnel developer at Airbus
  • 2004 until 2007 Configuration manager in the cabin division at Airbus Germany GmbH in Hamburg and Toulouse/France


  • Agile Innovation Frameworks + Design Sprint Training (Digital Innovation Camp)
  • Agile organisational support (B. Oestereich, next U)
  • Systematic consulting (HISW)
  • Career consultant (M. Wehrle)
  • Business Coach (Fischer Epe)
  • Member of the network for the new economy “intrinsify”

Memberships and certificates


Member of the agile organizational development guild

The Guild is a community of experts for collegial self-organization and agile organizational development.

Member of b.yond

Member of b.yond, the network for organizational consulting.

Intrinsify Member

Intrinsify is THE think tank and the leading network for the new working environment and modern cooperative management.

Metatheory of change

A complex world needs differentiated guidance – especially when it comes to change. Recipes, best practices and simple solutions quickly create a semblance of security, but too often disregard the specific context and dynamics of a situation.

Accredited & Certified

Certified INQA Coach

For many companies, it is a challenge to keep up with the pace of change in the world of work. INQA coaching helps companies with up to 249 employees to find customized solutions.

Profile dynamics

This tool makes values visible and identifies motivating opportunities for performance improvement at an individual, team or organisation level. It is a helpful companion for the conception of change projects and the introduction of agile working methods.

CAPTain analysis

The CAPTain analysis describes the typical behaviour of a person in the workplace. The characteristics recorded by CAPTain are demonstrably relevant for daily practice and can be used for personnel selection as well as for personal development.

Authorised for the proactive mid-sized company market

Certified consultant for the implementation of corporate checks for “successful mid-sized companies” with a focus on management, culture and personnel development