Since 2013 I have been advising and supporting customers ranging from small mid-sized companies to multinationals. Every organization has its own specific culture and challenges to their adaptability.

Agility level

The agility level describes the adaptability and learning ability of an organisation (not of the people who work there!).

This model can serve as a starting point or as a goal of an agile organizational development process. Agile organisational development itself is an iterative, participatory and very organisation-specific process.

The background here is a systemic approach, i.e. the organization or team as a social system. Therefore, an organization or a (leadership) team cannot be “programmed” ad hoc to a certain agility level.

I would be happy to accompany you through this process

TRUE Cooperation

Agility Level 1

  • (Management) teams work REALLY together
  • There is “right” arguing: hard in the matter, fair to the person
  • There is less ego in respect of the overall system
  • The joint service is oriented towards the creation of value for the (internal) customer

I will gladly take over the conception and moderation of your strategy workshops, team development or departmental events

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Functionally integrated teams

Agility level 2

  • All functions required for value creation are bundled in one team
  • All team members have clear roles and responsibilities
  • Operative decisions are made independently as far as possible
  • Various decision-making processes are established
  • High communication and conflict management skills are present in the team

I will gladly take over the conception and support of your department development and role expectation negotiations

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Self-organized teams

Agility level 3

  • Largely self-organized teams
  • A coaching, serving leadership attitude prevails
  • Management work with or without management positions is possible
  • Corporate responsibility is taken seriously
  • Security in decision-making processes is established

I would be happy to accompany your transformation of leadership work

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Agile organisational support

Agility level 4

  • The entire organization or first areas transform their organizational structure
  • In a participatory process, roles and responsibilities are revised in terms of adaptability
  • From an internal and hierarchical orientation to a faster external orientation
  • Transparency in “corporate responsibilities” and certainty in decision-making

I will gladly guide you through the phases of agile organizational development and accompany the process

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