Since 2013, I have been advising international corporations to smaller, medium-sized companies with my Manufacture for Agile Organisational Development and accompanying them in various aspects of agile organisational development.
In doing so, I see myself as a pilot at eye level who brings in her expertise and diversity of methods to find customised solutions together.

Customers with the same spirit,

  • see other people as a source of inspiration and want to learn from others
  • take on long-term entrepreneurial responsibility and want to leave a lasting mark.
  • understand that as decision-makers they are an essential part of the system and want to help shape their culture responsibly.

My customers are not all those who

  • see people as a mere cost factor
  • seek short-term growth, profit maximisation and the quick sale of their companies
  • Delegate responsibility for the development of the corporate culture to HR and have no interest in discovering larger interdependencies.

My services range from individual sparring to holistic transformation processes for the entire organisation. I take responsibility for all those involved and accompany you for as long as necessary.

Looking through the keyhole

This is what happens when you are filmed during a workshop! It’s not perfect, there are some pillars in the room, but it hopefully gives you an idea of my work

Holistic transformation support

The challenge we work on together: How can we create sustainable structures for our organisation so that we can grow (together) optimally and dynamically?

My concrete offer:

  • Accompaniment in the development of your individual organisational structure of the future.
  • Designing intelligent organisational structures after mergers or generational changes
  • Smart leadership development
  • Implementation of New Work processes

Team development

Sample challenges that I tackle together with your (management) teams:

  1. What are the organisational structures of the future? How could we set ourselves up?
  2. How can we improve our teamwork? How do we deal with conflicts?
  3. How do we redesign our dynamics as a team, e.g. after a change in leadership or when new staff members join the team?
  4. Where are we today and where do we want to go together?

My concrete offer:

  • Strategy & team workshops
  • Teambuilding with value analysis Profile Dynamics ©
  • Support with employee surveys
  • Conflict moderation


Examples of challenges for which I can support you as an external facilitator:

  1. How do we structure and moderate internal events so that they are goal-oriented and result-oriented?
  2. Who will lead our event as a neutral moderator in a fun and motivating way?

My concrete offer:

  • Content-structural conception & facilitation of large group events
  • Conception and moderation of divisional meetings in terms of content and structure
  • Individual sparring sessions for decision-makers
  • Exemplary questions that could be addressed in our 1:1 meetings:
  1. What can I do in general to make my company fit for the future?
  2. How can I encourage and motivate my employees?
  3. How can I support my employees to grow into new roles?
  4. How do I deal with difficult employees or crisis situations?

My concrete offer:

  • Impulse talks
  • Content sparring
  • Coaching